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I treat every day aches and pains, severe injuries, chronic pain, weekend warriors and elite athletes.

If you have been hurt and it is musculoskeletal, I would like to help.


There is a big gap between experiencing injury, alleviating pain and returning to pain-free mobility and high-level performance.  This relates to work or sports injuries.  I can help you bridge that gap.

Every injury, every circumstance is different.  Each one requires evaluation and treatment. 


My expertise is assessing muscles and nerves that are injured and the type of treatment appropriate for you at whatever point in the healing process.  I practice non-industrial acupuncture and chiropractic.  Each person is different.

Ryodo Raku

A Japanese style of electronic acupuncture diagnosis that measures the electrical properties of each meridian. It shows the relationship of one meridian to another and additionally, any left to right imbalance.

Myofascial acupuncture

A treatment used when the injury is not accessible by manual methods. Then an acupuncture needle is inserted to the appropriate depth. Adding electrical stimulation may relax the muscle involved.

Strength training

A program designed for you based upon your fitness goals.


Spinal manipulation

A method of moving the spinal joints to enable better joint movement and decreases pain.  Knees, shoulders, wrists and elbows, hips and ankles benefit from manipulation.


An electronic acupuncture device used to successfully treat pain where needling is not desired or indicated.

Electrical stimulation

A machine used to either make your muscles contract, pump fluid out of an injured muscle, or reduce pain

Myofascial techniques

Used when the tissues rather than the joints themselves are cause of the pain. This involves tissue examination and actual movement of each of the involved muscles.

Corrective exercise programs

Restoring the motions and movement patterns which have been lost or compromised due to age, lifestyle, injury or wear and tear. This is a restorative rather than a fitness program.


Ultra Sound

Sends an ultrasonic wave deep into tissues to improve oxygenation of tissue and helps heal tissues.

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